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Lane Hutson: The decision to make the leap to the pros wasn’t difficult at all
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
For the past two seasons, Lane Hutson has been dominant in the NCAA.

He broke records and was one of the most offensive defenders on the college circuit in each of his two campaigns at Boston University…

So the decision to sign his first pro contract wasn’t necessarily a difficult one.

At least, that’s what his agent told BPM Sports‘ morning show.

Sean Coffey let it be known that his client has nothing left to learn in the NCAA, and it’s virtually impossible to argue the contrary when you look at the defender’s exploits over the past two years.

I’d love to name them one by one… but the list is so long that I’ll have until tomorrow :

(Credit: NCAA)

The goal was to put Lane Hutson in an environment where he could improve as a hockey player, and BU wasn’t where that was going to happen.

He needed better competition on the ice, to put it another way.

It’s also worth noting that the young man’s mind was already made up… even before the Frozen Four tournament began.

The contract had been in the works for a few weeks, and we were only waiting for the team’s elimination to finalize the deal on the side of his clan and that of the Montreal Canadiens.

This proves that the defenseman has been thinking about the NHL for some time, which isn’t a bad thing.

He knew he was ready to make the jump to the pros, and it also proves that he has confidence in himself.

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