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Slaf’s potential in Suzuki’s eyes: top-5 NHL wingers
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Juraj Slafkovsky’s progress is certainly one of the great stories to come out of the Habs this season.

The Slovakian is full of confidence, and has learned how to use his body to create things on the ice.

What’s more, he’s been producing at a really interesting pace offensively for the past 40-45 games.

Slaf is only two points away from the 50 plateau, and one goal away from the 20 plateau.

He’s really having a great season for a guy who celebrated his 20th birthday about two weeks ago, on March 30.

From the outside, there’s been a lot of talk about him lately, and that’s to be expected…

But even the team captain, who is usually reserved in his comments, seems dazzled by the talent of his linemate.

Nick Suzuki believes Slaf has the potential to be one of the top five wingers in the league:

I think his ceiling is really high […] I think everyone sees what needs to be done for him to be one of the top five wingers in the league. – Nick Suzuki

Arpon Basu explained it well in his article: these are good comments… Especially as they come from Suzuki’s mouth, who doesn’t usually speak out of turn:

If that happens, the Habs will be in for a real treat.

They’ll have the luxury of one of the NHL’s best two-way centers in Suzuki, and if Slaf can be one of the game’s most dominant wingers, every game will be interesting to watch.

That’s not always been the case over the past two years, we agree.

Nick Suzuki is in a good position to speak, because he’s around Slaf every day… And because he’s been around the best wingers in the National League during his All-Star Game appearances.

Time will tell, though. For now, there’s plenty to suggest that Slafkovsky has the talent and skills to be an electrifying NHL player, and that’s exactly why he was drafted with the very first pick in 2022.

You know, when they say you have to be patient with young players… That’s exactly what they mean.

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