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Kent Hughes is excited about the Lane Hutson case
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Lane Hutson isn’t the talk of Montreal this season. It seems everyone has become accustomed to the defender’s dominance in the university ranks.

Compared to last year, it’s less intense.

But let’s not forget that he’s still dominant. He continues to be one of the best players on one of America’s top college teams, and a Hobey-Baker nomination is not out of the question.

We’ll recall that earlier this season, the diminutive defender didn’t close the door on staying another year in Boston. That said, everyone knows the plan is to see him in Montreal as soon as his college season is over.

Barring a catastrophe, he’ll finish the season with the Habs.

GM Kent Hughes, who answered questions from the media on the sidelines of the GM meeting in Florida, said he was excited to see how he would adapt in the pros.

Reporter Jessica Lapinski reported.

It’s no secret that we’re happy with his progress. – Kent Hughes

Obviously, a lot of people can’t wait to see him in Montreal. But I’m especially looking forward to seeing him play with David Reinbacher. And since Reinbacher will only be playing in Laval between now and the end of the season, that’ll have to wait.

Last summer, the two developed a chemistry together and they have the power to complement each other.

To be at his best, a Cale Makar needs a Devon Toews…

This quote comes from Maxim Noreau, a player who played against Reinbacher in Switzerland and who compares him to the Avalanche defenseman. Journalist Anthony Martineau spoke to Noreau.

He interviewed three players in Switzerland to talk about Reinbacher, by the way.

If all goes well in the development of the two young men, it’s not impossible to think that they’ll be playing together in 2024-2025 and that they could form a pair in the future.

It’s still early to project ourselves into a world where the two dominate the NHL together… but we can think about it all the same, can’t we?

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