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Rumor: Cody Ceci’s name linked to that of the Habs
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It’s different every year, but it will be interesting to see what the upcoming trade deadline has in store for Montreal Canadiens fans.

It could be quiet, but Renaud Lavoie explained it well this morning on the radio (BPM Sports ):

Just because there’s not much going on with the Habs, doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on. – Renaud Lavoie

Right now, the names of Jake Allen, Joel Armia and David Savard are the talk of the town. Will any of these three change addresses between now and Friday night?

For what it’s worth, when it comes to a club that’s been heavily linked to the Habs in recent weeks, it’s Edmonton.

We’ve been talking about the Oilers in the Jake Allen file because they lack goaltending depth…

David Pagnotta linked Armia’s name to that of the Oilers because they’re looking for a botton-6 forward…

And the same goes for David Savard, because the Oilers’ first choice would be in play for a defenseman.

The same David Pagnotta talked (again) about the Oilers and the Habs in a recent article, but it’s a different subject.

This time… Instead, he linked Cody Ceci’s name to that of the Habs :

(Credit: The Fourth Period)

Cody Ceci is a right-handed defenseman whose contract ($3.25M) expires at the end of the 24-25 season.

He’s not exceptional offensively or defensively, and has often been criticized for his decision-making on the ice while playing in Ottawa and Toronto.

Could Kent Hughes be “interested” in his services if he trades David Savard, given that it still takes veterans to guide the Habs’ young defensemen?

And if so, would it really move things forward? On the face of it, I find it hard to believe that this makes sense, especially with the young defensemen growing up in the Montreal organization…

I get the impression that the Oilers are looking to trade their defenseman to make room on the team’s payroll, but that they’re having trouble finding a team because Ceci’s value is so minimal.

The club wants to get their hands on a forward and there have been rumors involving Jake Guentzel, but Ken Holland (GM) will have to work hard to fit the Pens’ forward onto his payroll.


All this to say that, ultimately, a deal involving Ceci and the Canadiens would be surprising. It may make sense for the Oilers on paper, but Kent Hughes isn’t going to please just anyone unless it’s interesting for him…

In gossip

– I can’t wait to see his attitude.

– Wow.

– Lias Andersson is suspended one game.

– RadioTéléDON is back.

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