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Last night saw another chapter in the Habs’ three-goal carousel. In this one, it was Cayden Primeau who was sent into the fray and had his share of difficulties in yet another defeat for Martin St-Louis’ team.

Obviously, the subject was going to be topical today, and JiC took the opportunity to surprise some with a statement on his show.

During the “Le Colisée” column with Tony Marinaro, he mentioned that the Habs had thrown in the towel in the case of Primeau.

“The organization doesn’t want him anymore and doesn’t know what to do with him. We’re burning him out.” JiC

This statement immediately set social networks ablaze.

The words are heavy-handed, but seem far from reality. It’s true that Primeau was only playing in his 12th game of the season yesterday, but if the Habs had really given up on him, why not put him in the waivers and give him a chance elsewhere?

Or even, why continue to use him so sporadically if the goal was to trade him?

JiC finished by talking about yesterday’s game, which he didn’t like. Can we really use that as an argument, when he plays so little?

For what it’s worth, Primeau has done well so far this year under the circumstances. And yes, he has shown some progress. A progression that merits giving him the net more often. He’s more in control with his pads and, above all, seems much calmer than in his last few spells with the big club.

One thing’s for sure: it’s hard to evaluate Primeau under the circumstances, but to say that the Habs have given up on him seems a long way from reality.

Kent Hughes is simply stuck with his three goalies and is looking for solutions.

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