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Cayden Lindstrom loves the fan craze in Montreal
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

In a few months, the 2024 NHL Draft will be presented. And by then, it’s clear that Habs fans will want to start familiarizing themselves with the top names on the market.

This is more important for Habs fans than for fans of a club that won’t be drafting any time soon… like the Lightning, for example. When you only have one pick in the first four rounds (third round), the draft is less important.

But hey. All of which is to say that we’re painting a lot of pictures of the prospects, so we can get to know them better between now and June. And today, it’s Cayden Lindstrom’s turn.

Nicolas Cloutier, who works for TVA Sports, took the time to talk to some of the players in the sports world to get a chance to find out who Lindstrom is.

And clearly, there are some good comments.

Of course, we shouldn’t have expected his coach to say that he’s bad, as we all agree. That said, learning just how much dog in the center is something you can’t do just by looking at his Hockey DB record.

Those who do will note that, in addition to his 46 points in 32 games, he has 66 penalty minutes. That doesn’t necessarily displease his coach Willie Desjardins, that said.

You’re going to find a lot of guys with skills. Stronger guys too, but they’re not as heavy and mean as Cayden.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a guy like him. – Willie Desjardins

Also in Nicolas Cloutier’s text, we learn that training like a football player in some respects helps the 6’3, 210-lb. true “beef of the West”. We often talk about the benefits of not just playing hockey. Here’s proof.

But what I remember about the man who is sometimes compared to Eric Lindros is what he said about Canadiens fans. The man who says he’s spoken to Canadiens scouts isn’t afraid of Montreal pressure.

I know you have some pretty crazy fans in Montreal. I like it and the organization has a rich history. The market doesn’t intimidate me. – Cayden Lindstrom

Of course, knowing that a Montreal journalist is going to write an article about him on a site like TVA Sports, the main interested party isn’t going to say that he’s afraid of the pressure from Quebec.

That said, it’s better than reading the opposite in Nicolas Cloutier’s text, isn’t it?

In bursts

– I don’t think so.

– Finally confirmed.

– Speaking of players to watch.

– The Oilers are… correct.

– Makes sense.

– He could have chosen his words better regarding the 2018 scandal.

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