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David Savard doesn’t want to be traded

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David Savard doesn’t want to be traded
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Sean Monahan was traded in the last few days, and we’re wondering who will be the next Canadiens player to leave.

After all, the trade deadline is approaching…

And Kent Hughes could take the opportunity to sell off a few players of interest to other National League teams.

Indirectly, David Savard’s name comes to mind because he’s an interesting player.

His $3.5m cap hit isn’t huge (his contract expires at the end of the 24-25 season), but it’s his reliability on the ice that makes him attractive.

All the more so since he has experience that is worth its weight in gold after lifting the Stanley Cup with the Lightning in the summer of 2021.

In an interviewwith Guillaume Lefrançois (La Presse) over the weekend, the principal interested party is well aware that his name will be circulating between now and March 8.

However, even if the idea of being traded for a better chance of winning is attractive to any player, Savard continues to insist that he wants to play in Montreal.

His goal is to stay in the city, as he told this reporter:

I know it’s a business and things can change very quickly. But I hope to be able to stay here, that’s my goal and it doesn’t change. I think they’re thinking along the same lines. In any case, I hope so! – David Savard

I guess I’m not surprised.

Yesterday, I went to see the Habs practice and I noticed how Savard looks like a guy who likes Montreal.

He was all smiles because he’d deny his teammates when he had the chance.

It’s often said that veterans are important in a hockey room, and Savard is the perfect example because he plays the role of big brother with the younger players.

He’s probably worth a lot of money on the trade market because he blocks shots, because he almost never makes mistakes and because any coach can trust him… But I still think he’s worth more with the Habs because the club needs a guy like him right now.

Especially with all the young defensemen growing up in the organization.

And that’s nothing against Mike Matheson, but he’s in his prime and may not be ready to play big brother 24/7.

At 33, David Savard is perfect for the role. And if Savard leaves, there will be a lack of leadership in the Habs’ dressing room.

Is this ideal, especially in the context of a rebuild?

After all, we’ve seen the culture that has taken hold at the Ottawa Senators in recent years, when there was also an obvious lack of leadership…

In brief

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