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Alex Newhook skated before Canadian practice

Since the beginning of December, we haven’t really heard from Alex Newhook.

This is not unusual, given that the Montreal Canadiens have announced a 10-12 week absence for the forward due to a sprained ankle.

But now, after seven weeks, it was time to hear from the former Avalanche.

According to Anthony Martineau’s report on Twitter, via images from cameraman Vincent Prénoveau, Alex Newhook skated this morning before the Habs’ regular practice.

He was on the ice for 25 minutes and it’s the first time we’ve seen him on the ice like this.

Obviously, 10 to 12 weeks means he could be back in a month and still be on schedule. We shouldn’t hold our breath too long because it’s early.

If he doesn’t suffer any setbacks in his progress, we’ll see how long it takes before he’s back skating with the others.

Remember that the Canadiens will be taking Saturday night off, after the game in Pittsburgh. He won’t be able to train with the boys next week anyway.

I can’t wait to see the pace at which he progresses. To be continued over the coming weeks.

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