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It’s not his goal, but the focus on Patrick Roy camouflages the Habs’ shortcomings.

Patrick Roy is currently in Montreal. He’s here with his Islanders, having been named Long Island’s pilot just five days ago by good old Lou Lamoriello.

I don’t think anyone has fully recovered from the news. We’ve gotten used to it and no longer jump at the chance to see images of him wearing a tracksuit in his new organization’s colors… but still.

His return to the NHL, with a slightly left-field team, is the talk of the town.

Many local journalists have flocked to New York to see his first (and sometimes second) game in New York. And with his game tonight in Montreal, let’s just say there’s going to be a lot of talk.

As much as he’ d like to limit distractions for his team, demand to see him is intense right now. As of this morning, you have to pay at least $100 per ticket to see him play.

We’re talking abouta long-awaited and well-deserved return to Montreal, as Michel Therrien said. Everyone in town has something to say about the Islanders’ appointment behind the bench.

And rightly so.

But of necessity, for the Habs, it’s still a good thing. And why is that? Because, let’s face it, the club is going through a rather slow period on the ice right now.

For the past three games, the effort hasn’t been there… but we don’t talk about it.

After Thursday’s game, we talked about it so much that it became part of a debate at BPM Sports. Then it was much the same on the ice on Saturday and Tuesday, but there wasn’t as much talk.

The difference? On Friday morning, Patrick Roy wasn’t on the ice.

The Habs must realize, however, that this is a double-edged sword. On the plus side, it’s Martin St-Louis who is currently the focus of attention.

After all, even if it’s not what he wants, the confrontation between the two Hall of Famers behind the bench makes for a (big) story to follow.

But let’s not forget this: if the Habs look bad, let’s just say the criticism will be even more intense.

Yes, the Habs will fall on hiatus after the next two games (the Habs play tonight in Montreal and Saturday in Pittsburgh before falling into the bye week), but if the club were to get downgraded against the Penguins and – especially – the Islanders…

Let’s just say it would send the club into the vacation break on a bad note.

And, above all, at a time when the Habs’ management and coaching staff are beginning to stop enjoying their honeymoon with the fans, I’m sure St-Louis won’t want to hear fans react like Senators fans by saying that the club escaped the Roy.

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