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SLBAM: How far do we have to move Kaiden Guhle?

What’s up gang. Last week, I was talking about the weather in Orlando and this week, I’m in Iowa, it’s -15 at night and people are freaking out and don’t want to go out. Let’s just say that coming from Canada and having lived in Winnipeg, I find this more than a little funny.

Three days out of five, the kids saw their mornings at home prolonged for the whole day because of the snowstorm. We’re talking about an inch of snow outside… so no school. Different way of doing things, let’s say.

Now for your questions of the week.

It’s hard to get to the Stanley Cup, big salary or not. The problem for the Maple Leafs is that they don’t have a playoff team, and we were lucky enough to hear that from Bob Hartley this week on the radio.

I texted him to tell him he was absolutely right.

But I think that at the NHL level, the problem is the payroll. It should be higher, like in any other sport. That way, you can afford a little more and the players will be paid what they’re worth.

But having four players who will all be forwards and no defensemen, I have a bit of a problem too. Time will tell, but I’d like to see a change at this level.

As with everything, no one is untouchable at the right price. Any GM in the league is going to listen, no matter for whom.

Is he an untouchable, I think so by the way he plays and how he behaves, and also, because it’s hard in the medium term to say who will be the top-3 defensemen in Montreal. I think there are still a lot of questions about who could fill those roles.

We all agree that he could be a captain in the event of Suzuki’s departure.

So if the Habs are going to make a move, they need to make it with another defenseman, and I don’t think we should wait too long either, because every defenseman could lose value in the long run by not being the defenseman he needs to be in the NHL.

This is a great question and I didn’t put it in the previous question because it’s different. I agree, to receive something of quality and that is healthy. What I mean by healthy: the player has no problems and is a good teammate.

Now, that’s always the question, to get an excellent player, you have to give your “best” player. So, for example, to get a good forward player, you have to give your best defender.

Now, once we’ve got the forward. What’s the solution to getting a top defenseman? The draft, but that takes time.

For Byfield and all the rookies right now, it’s clear that you have to give them time. He’s taking off, understanding how the league works, but also where the space is on the ice.

He’s having a great season and I’m very happy for him.

Would I be willing to do Guhle for Byfield, that’s a great question. I’ll get back to you. Where do you see Guhle, a #1 or more of a #3-4 on a team? I think the answer to that question could answer the question of whether you make the trade or not.

No, being any NHL team, I wouldn’t go looking for him.

As much as he’s a good player, he’s the new generation and they have the talent to be dominant. His personality, his way of being and his lack of respect for many things mean that I’m not convinced you’d want a teammate like that.

By the way, I don’t have any insides. I’m only taking this from RDS and TSN.

To build a winning team, you need a complete team that can count on each other. I’m not saying a player shouldn’t have a personality either.

But you simply can’t have a personality that’s bigger than the team.

It doesn’t work that way. So as much as it’s good, for my part, it would be a very long discussion with my hockey staff and I would even say with my leadership group. And I’ll take P.K. on my team before Zegras, just so you know.


A huge thank you for your questions and we’ll see you next week. I still don’t have access to my X account and I really hope it comes back soon.

On that note, go Nailers Go. @Mitch_Giguere.

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