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The Coyotes have a problem buying their land

We’re still waiting to find out what will happen to the Arizona Coyotes.

At the beginning of December, we learned from Darren Dreger that the team was “finalizing the purchase of land in Phoenix” for the construction of a new amphitheatre… And the more time passes, the more we realize that the file is complicated.

The NHL has given the Coyotes a deadline: the league could ultimately make a decision if concrete plans aren’t unveiled by the end of January.

That said, today is January 17… and the club doesn’t seem to be moving full steam ahead with the project.

This same Darren Dreger said yesterday during a TSN segment (Insider Trading) that there’s a rather significant problem at the moment: the property targeted by the Coyotes must first be put up for auction because we’re talking about “valuable land” .

There could therefore be other suitors for the land, even if the Coyotes are considered the main contenders:

Ah, misery.

Like everyone else, I’m really looking forward to seeing this come to fruition one way or another because it’s getting a little redundant.

We’re always hoping to find a plan to secure the team’s future in Arizona and nothing ever works out.

I think it’s a shame for the team’s fans there. Being a Coyotes fan must be hard enough…

It’s worth remembering that Quebec City, Salt Lake City, Houston and Atlanta have shown interest in obtaining an NHL franchise.

The league will have to make a decision at some point… And the names of these cities could come up in rumours if the Coyotes are ever relocated.

We’ll have to keep an eye on that in the coming weeks. I especially wonder what Gary Bettman’s criteria are, when he says he wants to see the plans before making the ultimate decision as part of the ultimatum given to the Coyotes…


– Big night in the AHL.

– Promising.

– It’s not the first time we’ve heard the comparison.

– Sad.

– It would make sense to trade him.

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