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Unlike Joel Armia, Juraj Slafkovsky knows why he plays well
Things are going pretty well for Juraj Slafkovsky these days. The Habs player really seems to be getting comfortable on the ice.

In fact, ever since he was paired with Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield last month, he’s been looking good. He doesn’t seem to be completing a duo (NiCole), but rather forming a real trio with the boys.

When the guys are in shape, it shows. Against the Oilers and the Avalanche, the boys played big minutes against Connor McDavid and Nathan MacKinnon. We know the result.

All this to say that, at the moment, Slaf is playing with confidence. It doesn’t always show on the score sheet, but he’s taking giant steps forward. He’s different from the player of the month in October, who had just lost Kirby Dach.

That hurt him.

But the question is: what made the player take such giant steps? What gave Slaf the confidence to become the player he is today?

Anthony Martineau(TVA Sports) went to the news and it seems that a visit from his parents is at the heart of the story.

In mid-November, when things weren’t going so well for him, Slaf’s parents came to Montreal for a visit. They took the time to talk with him, and that did him a world of good.

Remember: Slafkovsky is only 19 years old.

The habs player’s father, who doesn’t want to take up too much space, is proud that his son has such a great opportunity on the first trio. In his eyes, as he told Anthony Martineau, the fact that the Slovakian is getting good playing time helps his confidence. It’s hard to argue with that.

And if that continues and he manages to follow a Jack Hughes-like progression curve… that would be something.


It’s interesting to note that Slaf is able to understand what made him successful. So, if he’s struggling, he’ll know how to get back on track.

But the same can’t be said for everyone.

These days, Joel Armia is doing well. The Habs player is firing on all cylinders, and it would be interesting for the man who never had the nickname Mr. Constance to know why.

But as he told Anthony Martineau, he doesn’t know why he’s good or bad in any given game.

If he really doesn’t know, that’s worrisome. An NHL player should be able to know what makes or breaks his success, especially at his age.

Remember, though, that the Finn doesn’t like the media. Maybe he just doesn’t want to talk about it…


– All the better.

– Wow, wow, and wow again!

– Fascinant.

– It would be fun for the Quebecer.

– He will continue his career in Portland.

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