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Dave Morissette leaves Rythme FM morning show

It’s allover for Dave Morissette at the helm of Rythme FM 105.7’s morning show. The station issued a press release on Monday, explaining that the former hockey player and Julie Houle would be stepping down for the next few mornings.

It was an adventure that was a little out of Morissette’s routine, as he was used to hosting Canadiens post-game shows on TVA Sports (which aired late at night). This time, he had to get up very early almost every morning for this challenge.

Let’s just say that a little rest from this project probably won’t do him any harm.

The two former hosts will be replaced by a trio comprising Patrick Marsolais, Anaïs Favron and Marjorie Vallée as of January 15.

Here’s the official Rythme FM press release.

“After a few months of getting up before the sun and balancing work, family and various projects, the friendly morning duo of Dave Morissette and Julie Houle has decided to slow down. Dave and Julie are leaving the morning show to concentrate on other projects. But don’t worry! They both remain part of the Cogeco Media family. Dave becomes a columnist on 98.5’s weekend show, Même le week-end, with Élisabeth Crête, and will also visit lunchtime girls Marie-Eve Janvier and Patricia Paquin on Rythme to share his anecdotes and adventures. Julie also remains with us with exciting new projects and mandates to be announced in the coming months.” – Rythme FM

So this is not the end for Morissette, who is expected to return as a columnist from time to time. We’re not talking about retirement here.

Morissette had in fact asked his bosses at TVA Sports to reduce his hours before joining Rythme FM, as he was less and less present in the TV station’s schedule.

But as usual, we don’t expect Dave Morissette’s adventure to end there, far from it. He always seems to have new projects or ideas in mind.

It seems only a matter of time before we hear of a new Dave Morissette project.

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