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Sean Farrell could be out for a while

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Sean Farrell could be out for a while
Yesterday afternoon, the Rocket were in Utica to contest victory over the Comets.

Jean-François Houle’s men picked up the W, but Sean Farrell, Gabriel Bourque and Brady Keeper all had to leave the game due to injury.


Farrell’s boo-boo, at first glance, may seem worrying. The forward fell heavily against the ramp in the first period and had difficulty getting up :

The exact nature of his injury is unknown at this time…

But team commentator Anthony Marcotte wrote in a tweet that “everything points to him being out for a little while”.

That would be a shame for the young man, because he’s good in his first full professional season.

He lacks a little maturity defensively on the ice, but his offensive qualities allow him to have success there (17 points in 24 games) and he’s adapting well to the speed of AHL play.

There’s one aspect in particular that bothers me a little, though, when it comes to Sean Farrell. He doesn’t have the biggest frame… And he gets pushed around the rink pretty quickly on certain occasions.

He’s not the strongest player at five feet, nine inches and 175 pounds. He’ll need to add a bit of frame if he wants to be a dominant player in the NHL for many years to come. A bit like Cole Caufield did when he first joined the Habs.

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