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Devon Levi, his girlfriend’s phone… And Carey Price

Life can be good sometimes. And Devon Levi’s story is living proof.

Last year, the Sabres’ blonde goalie was at a Toronto Raptors game. She was sitting next to Carey Price, so she took it upon herself to call her boyfriend, who hadn’t yet made the jump to the NHL, because he’s a goalie like Price.

When Devi answered the call, her girlfriend turned to Price and said: “Hey, look, my boyfriend’s Devon Levi, do you want to talk to him?

Then Carey replied that he knew Devon very well. So he agreed to pick up the phone and talk to Levi for a while, to give him some advice.

You know!

A few months later, Carey sent Devon a message telling him to enjoy the moment because Levi was about to start his NHL career.

That’s a really cool story to hear. And you can tell from Devon Levi’s words on the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast that he’s really proud to have had this opportunity:

For those who didn’t know, Devon Levi is a local boy. He grew up around Montreal and watched Carey Price growing up.

That’s why the unexpected meeting between the two men is so special. It must have been quite a unique moment for the young man…

Me, if something like that happened to me, I’d probably leave a mark in my panties. I’ll say.

And in all of this, what’s even more comforting is the fact that Levi was never a member of the Montreal Canadiens organization. Carey Price didn’t (really) have to give him certain things, but he did anyway.

Hats off to him!

In a gust

– How do you see it?

– Ayoye!

– Love the fit.

Yikes .

– Big visit!

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