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The Blue Pocket/Mike Ward: a deleted episode that has everyone talking

Mike Ward is the host of the podcast “Mike Ward Sous Écoute”.

Guillaume Latendresse and Maxim Lapierre, who started La Poche Bleue and tour Quebec’s microbreweries, were on hand to talk to the comedian last night, and the episode that was filmed is making headlines today.

And why? Because the content of the episode has been removed from all platforms (YouTube and Patreon).

In an article on the “NHL Info” site, we read a comment from someone who watched the episode that the guys from La Poche Bleue weren’t fair with Mike Ward: Guillaume and Maxim allegedly intimidated the comedian emotionally and physically, who didn’t seem too comfortable during filming.

Lapierre and Latendresse often touched Mike Ward for no reason… And they know that Ward doesn’t like to be touched.

Lapierre and Latendresse’s behavior was reportedly so inappropriate that the podcast team decided to take action:

Dear Patreon members, we wanted to let you know that the 9 p.m. episode from November 26 will no longer be available on all platforms. The request was made to us by the people concerned, and we’d like to respect their wishes. Thank you for listening! – Mike Ward Sous Écoute podcast team

Towards the beginning of the recording, smiles were all around:

This isn’t the first time Lapierre and Latendresse have been guests on the comedian’s podcast.

They made an appearance last year.

Mike Ward’s guests are usually invited to have a beer or two, but apparently things got a little out of hand during the filming of yesterday’s episode, and that’s why the guys from La Poche Bleue went too far.

Mike Ward has chosen the podcast platform to express himself freely, and we know how inappropriate his jokes can be at times.

That said, as Alexandre Desrosiers (NHL Info) notes in an article on the subject, there are limits too. Mike Ward isn’t afraid to speak his mind, but that doesn’t mean the guys in the Poche Bleue had the right to act like monkeys either.

In life, when you cross the line of respect, it’s because you’ve gone too far. And in reality, Mike Ward “censoring” himself or his product can’t be invented.

One wonders if the guys at La Poche Bleue (or their agent) asked for the episode to be removed after watching the podcast on an empty stomach this morning. If they came to that conclusion, however, the fact remains the same: they didn’t act the way they should have.

All this makes me want to listen to the episode.


– I like it.

– He deserves the fine.

– The mask sold for over $15,000.

– Clearly.

– If there is a race, Connor Bedard is (several) laps ahead of his rivals.

– To be continued in MLB.

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