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The (very) crazy rumour involving Corey Perry and the mother of a Blackhawks player
Social networks are capable of both the best and the worst. On Twitter/X, we sometimes witness the worst due to the lack of moderation and the presence of many anonymous Internet users(trolls).

Just after lunchtime, the @HockeyyInsiderr account, whose batting average is admittedly not very good, started a rumour that Corey Perry had slept with Connor Bedard’s mother and that this was why he had been “outed” from the team entourage.

A few minutes later, another anonymous account by the name of IB THE GAMBLER(@IncarceratedBob), whose batting average is roughly the same as HockeyyInsiderr’s, linked the Blackhawks players’ mothers’ trip – held in mid-November – to Corey Perry’s current “suspension”.

A screenshot of a discussion involving Bedard’s mom and Corey Pery then began to make its way around social networks, and soon Corey Perry became the #1 trend on X… and Connor Bedard, the #2.

(Credit: Twitter/X)

We even heard Martin Lemay put in a good word for us during his show Le retour des sportifs on BPM Sports, when he said bye to Martin Biron and Jason Pominville, I believe.

Note that, according to some equally anonymous insiders, it could also be another mother than Connor Bedard’s. IB THE GAMBLER, which has 151,000 subscribers anyway, reports the same thing.

Are we really dealing with another sex scandal involving the Chicago Blackhawks? Are we witnessing a sexual cover-up on the part of the NHL AND the Blackhawks?

I really don’t know. I’d never heard this side of the story before this afternoon.

So far, no one internally – not the NHL, not the Blackhawks organization, not the Perry clan – has denied this crazy rumor.

Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson insists he sent Perry home, while Louis Jean ‘s agent Corey Perry claims it was his player’s decision.

Only one Chicago-area journalist – Charlie Roumeliotis of NBC Sports – has spoken out publicly to say that this rumour is nonsense.

But, as with any such situation, many will see it as a plot by the Hawks.

Personally, I rate the chances of this rumor becoming truth/reality at plus or minus 5%.

But 5% was the chance of the Alouettes winning the Grey Cup before the season started, hehe. We never know.


Corey Perry or the Blackhawks are going to have to speak up and explain a little better why the player left the team. Otherwise, this kind of rumour will continue to exist and grow.

In fact, I’ll leave you with a little joke before I go.

Let’s not forget that the Blackhawks offered Perry a one-year contract – at above-market value – in order to have him oversee young Connor Bedard. If all this had to be true…

To think he could have been captain of the Habs instead of leaving Montreal after the Stanley Cup Final!

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