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Jets won’t go to arbitration with Pierre-Luc Dubois

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Pierre-Luc Dubois is a restricted free agent (RFA). That’s the main reason why Kent Hughes won’t necessarily go after the player this summer, even though both sides are interested.

Many want to wait until next year, when he’ll be UFA, to acquire him. But who’s to say PLD won’t have signed a long-term contract with another team by then? Because, yes, Montreal remains the most likely destination for the forward, but other teams, including the Kings, could invite themselves into the derby.

And Winnipeg won’t give the Quebecer away just because he wants to leave.

The fact remains that the Jets still have Dubois’ rights, and today they decided they weren’t going to go to arbitration with him.

The Sens with Alex DeBrincat and the Devils with Timo Meier will be able to go.

As Frank Seravalli points out, we’re talking about three players in three very different situations. On the one hand, Dubois wants to leave. In Ottawa, his forward’s future is uncertain. And in New Jersey, Meier has just arrived in town and the chances of him not extending his contract are slim, very slim.

The players who will be able to go to arbitration with their team (DeBrincat and Meier) will, at worst, be able to earn 85% of their 2022-2023 season salary. For Meier, therefore, if he signs a season with the Devils, he would earn a minimum of $8.5 million.

It should be remembered that teams can reach an agreement with their protégé without recourse to the arbitrator. The arbitrator is the last resort in negotiations. Whatever contract they sign, the New Jersey and Ottawa forwards will be free as a bird at the end of their next agreement.

As for Dubois, the Jets will submit a qualifying offer and are confident that the next deal will go through without the presence of a third party. After all, Dubois’ demands are clear: he wants to sign long-term, but not with the Jets because he wants out. And in any case, the referee’s contracts are not multi-year.

It remains to be seen whether the Manitoba team will succeed in trading him before signing him, or whether they will delay the process for a few weeks, or even months.

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