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Zach Benson has all the tools to become a Johnny Gaudreau 2.0

Since yesterday, I’ve been looking for an angle to talk about Zach Benson. Looking at the “tapes” of his highlights in 2022-2023, it completely hit me.

Benson’s style of play bears a striking resemblance to that of Johnny Gaudreau. In fact, I think they’re practically identical.

I’ll let you watch the following video before continuing. Take the time if you have it, it’s worth it.

We’re talking about two small forwards here. Gaudreau is listed at 5’9, while Benson is listed at 5’10.

We’re also talking about two small forwards with unusual offensive qualities. But, above all…

We’re talking about two small forwards with a knack for finding the space they need to maneuver the puck and find their teammates on the ice. Also, the skating stroke of both players is very similar, I think.

The resemblance (overall) between the two players is striking.

If Benson can become (in part) a Johnny Gaudreau 2.0, the team that has the luxury of selecting him in the next draft will be very pleased. After all, Gaudreau has been one of the NHL’s elite forwards for several years now.

Benson may not be among the cream of the crop when it comes to top prospects in the upcoming draft… But he’s highly regarded by scouts for his offensive upside.

Of all the names that have been linked to the Habs and the fifth pick in the next NHL draft, it’s probably his that intrigues me the most. We know that the CH wants to add size to its draft roster…

But does that mean we can immediately forget about Benson at No. 5? Not necessarily, no. After all, we don’t really know what the organization’s plans are. Just because Kent Hughes says a certain thing doesn’t mean we should take his word for it.

I don’t mean to imply that he’s a liar. It’s just a reminder that this is all a game, because the various GMs won’t reveal their cards in broad daylight.

There are many who maintain that, at the fifth pick, it’s a bit early for Zach Benson. With the quality of the upcoming auction and all the talent in the top-10, I’d have to agree.

But you can never be sure of a turnaround, because anything can happen in the draft. Just look at what happened in Montreal last year, hehe.

Speaking of Benson…

It may be a little goofy, but it’s interesting to note that Benson worked at his parents’ amusement park for most of his youth. I think that’s cool.

In a row

– Leon Draisaitl really had an incredible series.

– Good question.

– A big bravo!

– Yes, again.

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