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A recruiter includes Logan Mailloux’s name in an offer for the 4th pick
Will the Canadiens manage to move up a few rungs in the first round of the draft?

This idea, which has been raised in recent days, is starting to gain ground. The possibility has already been raised that Kent Hughes could be traded to the Sharks and Ducks, who have the 4th and 2nd overall picks respectively in the upcoming NHL draft.

Jonathan Bernier (Journal de Montréal) spoke to a “source in the upper echelons of an NHL team” and this source says that the Habs want Will Smith, which is not surprising.

Basically, I think this is why Hughes is trying to get in on the draft. I’m convinced that Will Smith is the precise target in the eyes of the organization.

Going from the fifth to the second pick (Ducks) will be difficult for Kent Hughes, even if he’s “willing to pay dearly” according to the source in question. But moving up from fifth to fourth is an achievable goal, according to a scout contacted by Le Journal:

With all the young defensemen in the Habs’ system, it could certainly be one or two of them plus two draft picks. Logan Mailloux, perhaps? I don’t think he’ d fit in with a Canadiens jersey on his back. – An anonymous scout

Two things to remember in the quote above.

The first: the CH would probably have to part with two picks and two defence prospects to move up a spot. We’re talking about defensemen because that’s what the Sharks are looking for in their rebuild right now.

The second: Logan Mailloux’s comment that he wouldn’t ” fit ” with a Canadiens jersey on his back.

Why not? Because he made a youthful mistake in the past, which automatically means he’s a bad person and doesn’t fit in with the Montreal Canadiens’ culture?

Logan Mailloux paid the price for what he did. With the guidance of the CH organization, he has turned himself around and become a better human being.

I’m not defending what he did, and yes, it’s true that he should never have committed that heinous act against a young woman almost three years ago. But at some point… we have to stop living in the past.

I don’t know if that’s the reason behind the recruiter’s comments. I hope not, actually, because it’s getting pretty ridiculous.

Anyway, I got a little carried away. I got a little carried away.

If we go back to basics, I think it’s a bit rich. It’s true that Hughes would have the certainty of being able to draft the player he likes (if he isn’t released in the top-3)…

But to include two picks (including the 5th overall, obviously) AND two defensemen to move up just one spot?

Kent Hughes and his group would have to be 150% sure of their choice, because it’s a relatively high price.

In gusto

– Speaking of the draft.

– Jarome Iginla is back in the Flames organization.

– Interesting stuff.

– If he’s lucky, he’ll play before 2024.

– Too bad.

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