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Maple Leafs fans have already given up

Maple Leafs fans seem to have given up completely. Understandably so. Their team is trailing 3-0 in the series against the Florida Panthers. Toronto fans have always cheered the Leafs to the very end, but this time it may be different because tickets for game five aren’t selling.

In fact, the Maple Leafs would have to win Game 4 on Wednesday night in order to return to Toronto for Game 5. Tickets for this game are still on sale, but unlike the Leafs’ other playoff games, they’re not selling much.

See for yourself. The blue sections represent places where tickets are available.

That’s a lot of tickets available. It’s a strange thing to see when you consider that there’s been a huge crowd next to the Toronto amphitheatre for every game since the start of the playoffs.

Two things explain this: fans have lost hope of seeing their team win, and tickets are far too expensive.

On the Ticketmaster resale site, you can find tickets in the upper section of the amphitheatre for $721!

(Credit: Ticketmaster)

Worst of all, these are seatless tickets. You have to stand throughout the game. Oh no, it gets worse: the view is obstructed. You can’t even see the whole show for $721! That’s clearly stealing.

At the same time, fans may be afraid of being filmed crying after the Leafs are eliminated. We see them every year, and it makes us all laugh.

The Maple Leafs will try to survive Wednesday night, when they must win Game 4 of their series against the Panthers.

In gusto

– It’s not looking good.

– It’s very risky.

– A homecoming for the Quebecer.

– About time.

– Kim Clavel is ready.

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