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Darren Dreger: Tim Stutzle’s contract should be comparable for Cole Caufield
Credit: Tim Stutzle collected 3 points on February 4.
We know that Cole Caufield will break the bank. All that remains to be seen is the length of the agreement on his next contract.

The question is asked relatively often, but… What’s it worth in monetary terms? Right now, that’s what must be holding up negotiations between the player’s camp and the organization, believes Darren Dreger.

The TSN insider goes even further, wondering if Caufield isn’t currently using Tim Stutzle’s new contract as an indication of his value.

The German has signed an eight-year deal, which will pay him $8.35 million annually for the next eight years. Stutzle earns almost $500,000 more than Habs captain Nick Suzuki, who commands an annual salary of $7.875 million.

Here’s Dreger’s explanation:

Obviously, Caufield is looking to sign the biggest contract possible.

Just because he’s only 22 doesn’t mean he has to leave money on the table. Quite the opposite, in fact. He has to negotiate to get the best possible salary, given that there’s no guarantee of a professional athlete’s future in his sport because of injuries.

There’s a world out there where, in four years’ time, the main player is seriously injured and his career is in jeopardy. That’s not what we want, of course…

But players think about these things. And with good reason.

It’s part of the risks of the job.

I’ve said it many times over the past few months, but I’d certainly like to see the youngster sign the same contract as his great chum Nick Suzuki. It would be like Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews in Chicago, who had exactly the same contract as the two undisputed leaders of the team…

But then again. I find it hard to believe that the kid is going to leave that kind of money on the table. And let’s not forget that the NHL salary cap is set to rise soon, and that favors the kid in question too.

In short.

The whole thing remains a little complicated because of all the technicalities involved in managing a payroll. And, obviously…

We’ll have to wait a little longer for the answers to our questions in this dossier.

In brief

– Perfect as is.

– Nice initiative.

– A quick look at the CH’s hopefuls.

– He’d be a perfect candidate.

– He was dominant.

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