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Friedman: Jets may ask Dach for Dubois

Now that the Jets’ season is over, Pierre-Luc Dubois’ future is the main topic of discussion in Montreal. Many fans dream of seeing him in a CH uniform and would like to secure his services before the end of his current contract.

The main argument used is the possibility that Dubois might fall in love with another team and be tempted to sign long-term.

For his part, Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman went to the newsroom and unearthed some fresh information on the matter.

According to what he’s heard, to get Dubois, the Jets could ask for Kirby Dach, which would be simple. The problem is, it’s not simple in his eyes, and that’s the truth.

Would the CH be willing to part with Dach? The question arises, as he’s just had an excellent season, his best in the NHL. We’re beginning to see the potential of the CH’s center forward, and it would be a shame to lose him.

The question is: does the CH really need Dubois that badly?

Yes, it’s a risk to lose him, but the money he’s going to cost per year is a smart move. Suzuki and Caufield will already be a big part of the payroll, and a mismatch between the forwards and the rest of the team should be avoided.

Friedman also reports that some teams have inquired about the possibility of acquiring Dubois for his final contract year, and it wouldn’t surprise me if that happened.

After all, the media availability in Winnipeg doesn’t bode well for the immediate future. Coach Rick Bownessna openly criticized the players, and they didn’t like it.

Connor Helleybuck doesn’t want to be part of a rebuild, and his contract is also up in a year’s time.

One thing’s for sure: the Dubois saga in Montreal is far from over, but the chapters continue to be written.

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