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USDP: Lane Hutson’s brother sets single-season scoring record

Field hockey runs in the veins of Lane Hutson’s family. After the CH prospect’s success in the U.S. development program, his brother has followed in his footsteps this season, and it’s not even over yet.

The 5-foot-8 defender took over the record for most points for a fullback in program history. He’s up to 67 points, which is better than Cam York’s 65 points in 2018-2019.

The points entered in the Under-18 World Championship must be counted, and this year’s American team is very formidable.

This is an important clarification, because since the start of the spring tournament, Hutson has contributed to the cause with 1 goal and 10 assists.

He needed two points today to break the record, and he did it the right way.

First, he scored a superb goal following a surge by his team before serving a fine pass to Will Smith in a thaw against the Slovaks in the semi-finals. Hutson and the Americans face Sweden tomorrow in the grand final. This will be quite a challenge, as the Swedes beat Canada 7-2 in the other semi-final.

We must be careful with this ranking, as Cam York, despite his excellent season in the program, has not yet become the player the Flyers thought they had drafted.

For those who may have forgotten, York was selected just ahead of Cole Caufield, who slipped to the CH, much to the dismay of Philadelphia fans.

As for Hutson, he’ll be eligible for the 2024 draft, but he’s already turning some heads. Like his brother, he’s extremely skilled on skates and will definitely be one to watch next year.

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