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If Bergevin is behind Dubois’ acquisition, Rob Blake should consider firing him
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When he was general manager of the Montreal Canadiens, Marc Bergevin made some good moves, but also some bad ones.

Before the end of his reign, when Pierre-Luc Dubois was the subject of trade rumours, Bergevin made his interest clear in the Quebecer, but in the end, he was traded to Winnipeg.

Dubois failed to deliver the goods, and the Los Angeles Kings had to get rid of him and his hefty 8-year contract for a salary of $8.5 million.

The Kings’ general manager took the blame for the poor decision to acquire the Quebecer, but if Adam Wylde of the Steve Dangle podcast is to be believed, Bergevin would have had something to say about it.

Bergevin has been special advisor to the GM in Los Angeles since January 9, 2022.

Obviously, the final decision on a deal goes through the GM, but with Bergevin as advisor, it makes way too much sense for him to be behind the deal.

“How funny is it that the guy who was dying to acquire Pierre-Luc Dubois in Montreal is now in Los Angeles and the Kings were willing to give the moon for PLD? I don’t think it’s a coincidence.” – Adam Wylde

Following this, Wylde mentioned that if Bergevin is behind this trade – and he believes he is – that Rob Blake should seriously consider firing him.

Jesse Blake, who is also on the Steve Dangle podcast, made it clear that he doesn’t think Rob Blake is a good GM, because the trades he’s made since his arrival haven’t been great in general.

Ultimately, we can deduce that there would be an intruder at the Kings, but is it Blake, or is it Bergevin?


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