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Edmonton does everything it can to bring home the Stanley Cup (and Calgary does just the opposite)
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Do you think that on this St. John’s Day, everyone wants to see the Stanley Cup return to Canada?

I don’t think you’ve talked to anyone in Calgary who’s going to want the Panthers to win tonight so their Alberta rivals don’t bring the Cup home.

A good example? This fan, who wrote to Greenpeace.

Obviously, Calgary fans can’t do much since they’re not on the ice. But this fan still sent a DM to Greenpeace (as a joke) that’s worth sharing.

His point is that to see a club named Oilers (in connection with oil) win would send the wrong message to everyone. “It would make the gas look good” in all this, he added. I thought it was funny!

So he wants to see the company contact Gary Bettman to ask the referees to favor the Panthers, named in honor of a species that is endangered in Florida. He says it would be better for the environment.

He could have added that the Oilers are forcing both teams to travel unnecessarily.

On the other hand, my colleague Maxime Truman told you about the people of Edmonton, who are doing everything they can to bring the Cup back to town. But then there’s the Boston Pizza promotion.

If the Oilers win, Boston Pizza will offer 30,000 pizzas to the people of Edmonton and the entire country on the day of the parade, to mark 30 years without a Stanley Cup in this country. The message was sent from Edmonton.

It’s ironic to see a place called Boston take on the Panthers, but it’s still a Canadian brand, in the end. In fact, the first resto was created in… Edmonton.

No matter who wins, tonight’s game is highly anticipated. And I’m not just saying that because the gap between Game #6 and Game #7 is so long that my values have had time to change: I’m saying that because it’s going to be a historic game.


– The flight certainly didn’t go through Calgary.

– Speaking of the desert crossing in Canada.

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