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Trevor Zegras and the Canadiens: Alain Chainey thinks we’re too quick to spit on the youngster
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Are we too quick to spit on Trevor Zegras when it comes to talking about him in Montreal?

According to Alain Chainey, the answer is yes.

The Ducks’ former head scout believes that, with such talent, we shouldn’t be too quick to think that Zegras might not be an option. That’s what he told Nicolas Cloutier (TVA) in an interview.

What he’s saying is that yes, Zegras is getting attention for the wrong reasons, but some people in the NHL don’t like it when a youngster gets attention like that.

In his eyes, the fact that his teammates have kind words for him says more than anything else.

I look at what Zegras’s team-mates are saying. They don’t see him as a scatterbrain. – Alain Chainey

He mentions that at his age (23), it’s normal for a youngster to lack maturity. He says that even guys like Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf lacked it when they arrived in the NHL, but that they’ve aged.

In his eyes, it’s clear that Zegras alongside Nick Suzuki would be a good match.

If you put him on the Habs’ power play, Zegras, don’t you think he’d be good? – Alain Chainey

Of course, we mustn’t forget that Cole Caufield’s friend isn’t to be given away either. Just because Pat Verbeek might be open to trading him doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

And we agree that the price to pay will be enormous.

It’s also worth remembering that not everyone thinks like the former Ducks member. Maybe Kent Hughes and his team are looking at this and thinking that there’s no point in paying so much for a guy who acts like this.

After all, David Pagnotta confirms it: the price is high. It’s possible that Zegras won’t be traded this summer, since there’s no rush on the forward’s file, who isn’t necessarily keen to be traded right now.

Perhaps Hughes has another target in mind. After all, it’s worth remembering that in this draft week (just because the Stanley Cup isn’t up yet doesn’t mean the draft isn’t just around the corner…), Kent Hughes undoubtedly has 13625 projects on the go.

And that doesn’t mean Zegras’ is the one that’s going to blossom – if there is a big deal.

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