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Jesperi Kotkaniemi: the Canucks come back into the discussion
Credit: Photo by Josh Lavallee/NHLI via Getty Images

Let’s talk about the Hurricanes.

Right now in Montreal, they’re a popular team because of the rumors surrounding Martin Necas. We’re not sure who we’ll have to talk to to get him, but hey.

Necas, who is also linked to the Bruins by Elliotte Friedman, is expected to leave during the off-season.

But it’s interesting to note that the same Friedman, on the 32 Thoughts Podcast, mentioned that the Canucks, who talked to the Hurricanes about Necas at the last deadline, might try again.

At the deadline, Elias Pettersson’s name was on the table. Obviously, this would no longer be the case, now that he has signed his long-term contract extension in Western Canada.

That said…

The Canucks loved Necas and they still do. Discussions could resume in the off-season between the two teams regarding the Canes’ European winger.

And there’s another player who should be mentioned when talking about the Canucks and Hurricanes: Jesperi Kotkaniemi.

From what we understand, the Canucks like the former Canadian. Friedman reports that the Canucks are keeping an eye on him, and we recall that the Canucks also chatted about KK last year at the deadline.

If the Hurricanes were ever to buy the player, the Canucks would be in line to sign him, I imagine.

However, it’s worth mentioning that Elliotte Friedman, who said earlier this week that the possibility of buying KK existed (and not that a “major development” meant he would definitely be bought out), was told that the player shouldn’t be bought out.

I’d be willing to bet you a steak that Jesperi Kotkaniemi won’t be bought out. – A source for Elliotte Friedman

Why not? Because the Hurricanes believe in him, but also because he has teams (like the Canucks) who still believe in the potential of the young man, drafted by the Habs in 2018.

Do they believe in his contract, though?

Note that I don’t see a world in which both players (Necas and Kotkaniemi) are traded together to Vancouver – while withholding salary in the process for KK.

After all, even if it would lower the price to get Necas, the financial commitment would be too big for the Canucks, in my opinion. But expect both names to be circulating in Vancouver, anyway.

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