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If he is hired in Columbus, Marc Bergevin will have to avoid emotional decisions
Credit: Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

It would be ridiculous to say that Marc Bergevin didn’t make some good moves when he was GM of the Habs.

After all, he did make some good trades (Nick Suzuki, Phillip Danault, Max Domi)…

But many remember him for his mistakes.

That said, we’re talking about him a lot today, because this morning, we learned that he would be in the running for the vacant GM position in Columbus.

Tony Marinaro talked about the subject in his column today on BPM Sports, and he said something that got me thinking.

If he’s hired in Columbus, Bergevin will have to stop making personal decisions and focus instead on the business side of things:

Business would occasionally become personal. Then the personal affected the business.

In the National League, you can’t be like that. – Tony Marinaro

It was interesting to hear this from Tony Marinaro, because it reminded me of what an emotional guy Bergevin is.

He loved his players in Montreal… For better or for worse.

At least in Columbus, he wouldn’t have to find the first center he had to look for so long in Montreal (Adam Fantilli) :

Tony Marinaro explains it well in his column.

Bergevin often relied on his emotions to make certain decisions, and it’s true that it doesn’t work like that in the National League.

But hey.

Now we’ll see if he’s learned from his mistakes if he gets the job in Columbus.

What will help him, though, is that the market in Ohio is much less intense than in Montreal or even Los Angeles.

The Blue Jackets are rebuilding, so expectations are lower… Which was never the case when he was GM of the Canadiens, or since he joined the Kings.

Maybe that would help him calm down, who knows.

In short

– Bravo!

– Huh!

– He’s really hot in the playoffs.

– It’s crazy too.

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