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Sacha Boisvert to join the Canadiens in The Athletic’s mock draft
Credit: Photo by Michael Miller/ISI Photos/Getty Images

There’s a lot of talk about the Canadiens’ first pick these days – and right ly so – but let’s not forget that the Winnipeg Jets’ pick is also part of all this.

The second round of the playoffs will determine whether the Habs will draft 24th, 25th, 26th or 27th.

If you want the pick to improve, hope to see the Avalanche, Oilers and Bruins move up. But if the trend continues, the Canadiens will draft 27th.

The pick that Kent Hughes got from the Jets in the Sean Monahan deal is important in light of the fact that the Habs no longer have their second-round pick in 2024.

He’s the only Habs pick owned by another organization: he was traded to the Coyotes back in the day by Marc Bergevin. #ChristianDvorak

All this to say that the Jets’ pick is an interesting asset to have. Whether it’s to draft a young player or to have an extra weapon on the trade market, the pick will be useful.

An asset is an asset.

Right now, there’s less talk about this pick than about the fifth overall… but the fact remains that there’s a way to add a nice prospect to the club’s bank of hopefuls if the pick is ever used to take a youngster.

And according to Corey Pronman’s mock draft this morning on The Athletic, Sacha Boisvert would be the club’s choice. Yes, yes: a little guy from Trois-Rivières in the first round!

(Credit: Hockey DB)

Boisvert, who has been playing in the U.S. for the past five years, is likely to go in the first round. He’s a 6’2 left-handed center with 68 points, including 36 goals, in 61 USHL games this season.

As journalist Guillaume Lepage ( told us earlier in 2024, Boisvert is a young man who isn’t afraid to take his time. He’s not aiming for the NHL in the short term, as he intends to develop at the University of North Dakota next year.

It’s worth noting that Pronman didn’t put him on the Habs roster just because of his nationality. Maybe he did, but in his description, he only mentions that Boisvert was good in the USHL, skates well, is offensive and would provide depth at center.

Remember that the first time the Habs selected a Quebecer in the first round, it didn’t go well. However, it’s safe to assume that Boisvert wouldn’t have the pressure of Louis Leblanc, given his draft rank and the presence of the fifth overall pick.

While the QMJHL may not be a first-round pick (I’m not sure the Q will be represented in the first round), perhaps the Habs could at least showcase Quebec.

Who knows?

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