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The moment when Marc-André Fleury himself decides to repair a hole in the ice
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

As you know, Marc-André Fleury is a bit of a comic. He loves to play tricks and have fun. He doesn’t really try to hide his personality.

We see him having fun on the ice and doing what he wants to do. And yesterday, another Fleury-like event occurred.

While the attention was elsewhere than in front of his net, the Quebecer noticed that there was a hole in the ice. So he decided to repair it himself with his stick, some snow and his big leggings.

How very Marc-André Fleury of you.

It’s not the first time Flower has played with snow. In Vegas, he already tried to make a mountain of snow when he left the bench in favor of an extra skater.

Every time Fleury does something, he gets noticed. People want to see him stay in the NHL as long as possible so that he continues to be the talk of the town.

And on that subject, it’s worth remembering that the main man involved hasn’t closed the door on a return to the game in Minnesota next year.

We thought he was going to stop playing at the end of the season, but it seems there’s a world in which he’ll be back playing for the Wild next season. Is it to (finally) play one last game against the Penguins in his new arena?

Yesterday, he became only the second active goaltender to achieve at least 50 regular-season wins with three organizations.


– Too bad.

– Yup.

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– What will he do this summer?

– Excellent news.

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