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Angela Price considers adoption

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Angela Price considers adoption
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As you know, the Price family is a polarizing force in Montreal.

With Carey Price a great Montreal goalie and his wife Angela a big presence on social networks, the two have often been the talk of the town.

That shouldn’t change too much soon. Even if they no longer live in Quebec.

On a regular basis, Angela Price takes advantage of her visibility on social networks to answer questions. There are some about her life, but also about Carey Price and the Canadiens.

After all, Habs fans know that following her gives them a different kind of access to Carey Price, a man who doesn’t use social networks as much as his wife.

On this subject, Angela Price, in one of her answers, confessed that she would consider expanding her family, but not necessarily getting pregnant again. She may have thought she was pregnant recently, which got her thinking.

In other words, it would be possible to see the Price family expand, but via adoption. Don’t be surprised if, eventually, a child joins the Price family, then.

(Credit: Instagram)

For those interested, she also answered several other questions. These include how Price spends her days, how happy the kids are to have her full-time, their life out west, and more.

As usual, many topics were covered. If you’re interested, some of the stories are still up at the time of writing.

Angela Price, who is sad to see that the sale of her home in Candiac is official (she loved her life in Quebec), hasn’t closed the door on the possibility of the family being present at the Bell Centre on April 16.

It will be the Canadiens’ last game of the season.


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– Tonight’s game should be robust. [BPM Sports]

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