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David Reinbacher should not be used on special units
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The Rocket play their next game on Friday.

Jean-François Houle’s men will be in Belleville looking to win an important game in the playoff race.

And for the occasion, all indications are that David Reinbacher will play his first game in the uniform of the Canadien’s club-school.

There’s a lot of media coverage of the young man, who arrived in Quebec earlier this week.

The Habs organization and the club’s fans are excited to see what he’s got up his sleeve, especially since we’re talking about a player who was taken 5th overall in the last NHL draft.

Anthony Marcotte, speaking on BPM Sports earlier today, said to expect Reinbacher to play a lot of 5-on-5 minutes.

The Austrian is expected to pair with Tobie Paquette-Bisson, one of the most reliable defenders in the Laval line-up.

That said, Reinbacher won’t be used for everything (yet):

I don’t expect to see him on the special units anytime soon this weekend, but he’ll be playing quite a bit anyway with Bisson. – Anthony Marcotte

There will be pressure on his shoulders because Reinbacher is a high draft pick…

And we’re sure he’s aware of that, judging by the multitude of journalists on hand in Laval yesterday:

David Reinbacher shouldn’t be used on the power play (or shorthanded) and that’s okay.

Logan Mailloux and Justin Barron are used on the power play and they get the job done.

What’s more, Barron has already been penalized with Reinbacher’s arrival (he’s now on the 3rd pair)… And if Houle cuts his ice time on the powerplay too, the player won’t be happy.

Also, Reinbacher will have to adapt quickly to the size of the rinks and that’s why, I think, it would make sense not to use him on the PK. The game is going to be very fast-paced at first, and maybe it could go too fast for him, because he’s used to playing on big ice.

This is a learning period for the 19-year-old defenseman, and he’s going to get better every day. By practicing with the Rocket system and on smaller ice surfaces, he’ll begin to understand more things.

That said, even though he’s young, he’ll have to find a way to perform on the ice.

Because even then, we’re talking about a 5th overall pick… And these players have to make an impact on their club when they play in the AHL.

In bursts

– Not bad for a guy who’s never been drafted in the NHL…

– That’s one way of looking at it.

Ah, come on man.

– Alphonso Davies’ future is likely to be decided in the next few days.

– It’s a beautiful day!

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