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Martin St-Louis is the perfect coach for the Habs, says Jeff Gorton
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The Canadiens are in a period of transition.

A lot has changed since Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes took over…

But what’s important is that we can see the young players improving visibly, and we can see that there’s a certain progression in the team’s collective play.

Taking the Habs to the next level will be a challenge for the staff, especially for Martin St-Louis.

We’re talking about a coach who knows the game by heart because he’s played for a long time and because he’s had success in the National League…

But we’re also talking about a coach who doesn’t have much experience behind the bench of an NHL club, and that’s something to consider too.

In the eyes of management, however, St-Louis is the perfect coach for the Habs.

At least, that’s what Jeff Gorton told Jimmy Murphy and Pierre McGuire’s Sick Podcast – The Eye Test:

We feel like we’ve found the right coach for us. – Jeff Gorton

Gorton explains that St-Louis fits well with the organization’s culture because he knows how to talk to young people and because he knows how to make a player better.

In a rebuild, it’s important to have a patient coach who knows how to work with all the players.

For example… The Habs couldn’t count on a guy like John Tortorella, who decided to leave out his captain (Sean Couturier) for tonight’s game while the Flyers are in the thick of the playoff race.

I’m not taking anything away from John Tortorella… But you need a guy who understands the players’ feelings in a situation like the Habs’. And Torts doesn’t give a damn about his guys’ feelings.

We see it often in training sessions: Martin St-Louis doesn’t hesitate to talk to his players one on one when things are going badly, because he’s been there before in his glorious career.

It’s also why he’s so respected in the Habs dressing room. The guys know they can open up to him at any time, and that’s important.

All that to say, in the end, management loves the work Martin St-Louis has done since he was hired. The organization feels that the coach has what it takes to propel the club to the highest summits, and it’s pleasing to see the confidence that reigns at this level.

In gusto

– So much the better!

– Everyone can’t wait to see him in action.

– Whoa.

– Yikes.

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