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Jeff Gorton: Lane Hutson is (really) better defensively than people think
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Lane Hutson is an electrifying player on the ice.

His offensive skills make him exciting to watch, and even though he’s not the biggest, he works his butt off every night.

He’s working hard to improve, much to the delight of Montreal management.

The “problem” with Lane is that he has the label of a strictly offensive defender clinging to him.

His success in Boston in the NCAA doesn’t really “help”, because he’s been dominant since he entered college…

But that doesn’t mean he’s bad defensively.

On the contrary, in fact.

Jeff Gorton, who appeared on the Sick Podcast – The Eye Test hosted by Jimmy Murphy and Pierre McGuire, was keen to set the record straight:

He really can defend better than some people think. – Jeff Gorton

Jeff Gorton wasn’t going to criticize Lane Hutson’s defensive play live, we agree, but I especially liked the explanations that came with his statement.

The Habs’ VP hockey operations maintains that the defenseman is quicker in his decision-making and quicker on the ice.

The goal this year for the Habs was to see Hutson improve overall, because as Gorton said on the podcast, “everyone knows he’s good offensively”…

And management seems genuinely pleased with the improvements we’re seeing in the American’s game.

It seems hard to fault Lane Hutson at the moment, which is why there’s so much excitement about the possibility of him finishing the season in a Habs uniform.

Gorton, who is spending a lot of time in Boston at the moment, also praised the progress of Jacob Fowler and Luke Tuch.

He spoke of Fowler as a special goaltender… And he spoke of Tuch as a “big body player” not found anywhere else in the National League.

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