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“I’m here at last”: Reinbacher couldn’t wait to leave Kloten
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
David Reinbacher spoke to the media this morning after Rocket practice.

The young defenseman was surrounded by a number of journalists, which is to be expected, since we’ve been waiting for him to arrive in town for quite a while…

And let’s just say that Reinbacher didn’t disappoint in his answers to the journalists on hand.

The man who will wear number 64 with the Rocket admitted from the outset that he’s happy “to finally be here”, and we sensed just how proud he is of his achievements.

That said… Reinbacher also sounded like a guy who was happy to have left the Kloten environment, where it’s been pretty tough this season.

The club was bad and that played a part in his production (and his progression).

He’ll be better surrounded in Laval, and we can sense that makes him happy.

Reinbacher touched on several topics during his interview with reporters.

What caught my attention?

1. The Montreal media market is night and day compared to when he played in Europe.

But he was at ease in front of the cameras. He was really, really calm despite the tide of journalists surrounding him.

2. Reinbacher knows he’s arriving at an important moment in the Rocket’s season.

He says he’s ready to help the club… And all he wants is the opportunity to show off.

Note that he should play his first game this weekend, havingtaken Mattias Norlinder’s place in the line-up this morning at training.

3. Even in Kloten, Reinbacher wanted to keep up with the Habs.

Every morning at the breakfast table, he and his teammates watched the highlights of the Montreal team.

It’s a dream come true to one day play in the NHL, so of course I followed the activities. – David Reinbacher

4. The defender was frank about his season with Kloten.

He didn’t call it disappointing, but said there were a lot of ups and downs.

However, the circumstances surrounding his training did not help him to blossom in the way the Habs management had hoped.

5. Asked about his progress, Reinbacher said he wants to take it one day at a time.

He knows he has what it takes to be successful, and the young man is confident in his abilities right now.

He says he’s grown in maturity on the rink… And I found that came across even when answering journalists’ questions.

6. Obviously, the environment at the Rocket isn’t the same as at Kloten.

But Reinbacher likes the vibe because in Laval, he’s surrounded by a lot of young players. He likes the atmosphere around the team right now.

7. In closing…

Reinbacher admits he’s glad he won’t have to play the relegation series in Kloten. He didn’t want the result to be disappointing and some of his team-mates to lose their jobs ahead of next season.

He’s got a good heart, the youngster.

In bursts

– He’s on another planet.

– Nice!

– It’s all part of the process.

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