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Even if he’s on the sidelines, Martin St-Louis remains “very” involved
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The Canadiens are currently in Edmonton.

Tomorrow night, Connor McDavid’s Oilers will be on the menu for the Flanelle…

And it’s going to be a big challenge, because we know how strong the Alberta club is.

There will be a challenge in terms of the opponent… But the real challenge is that the players will be playing a second consecutive game without their head coach.

Martin St-Louis is still sidelined because of one of his sons, and Kent Hughes said earlier today that he doesn’t know when the coach will be able to return.

It’s also worth noting that the GM said he hadn’t yet spoken to his coach.

But even if St-Louis isn’t around the team right now, that doesn’t mean he’s not involved in team activities.

Trevor Letowski, who is currently the interim coach, said he is in constant contact with Martin St-Louis and that St-Louis remains “very” involved in the habs’ day-to-day operations:

It doesn’t surprise me in a way, because Martin St-Louis is more than just passionate about the game.

Where it does surprise me, though, is that Letowski says he talks to St-Louis every day on a frequent basis, while Kent Hughes says he hasn’t been in touch with his head coach.

Something’s not adding up, or someone’s not telling the truth…


For tomorrow’s game, Trevor Letowski has decided to go with Samuel Montembeault.

The Habs’ number-one goalie has been struggling lately, having lost his last four games…

This will be a great opportunity for him to regain his confidence if he has a big game:

In bursts

– Happy reading.

– Wow.

– When’s his next goal?

– Avalanche players practice their putts in preparation for summer.

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