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Choice with Monahan in 2022: the options are much less complicated
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
In the summer of 2022, Kent Hughes acquired Sean Monahan from Calgary.

Everyone remembers the transaction because, in the end, Monahan did the Montreal organization proud…

But also, everyone remembers the transaction because of the conditional first-round pick that was sent to Montreal. It’s hard to forget, because it almost takes a university degree to explain the conditions of the pick.

What you need to know right now is that everything points to the Canadiens not having the option of the Flames’ pick in 2024.

If the Flames had picked between 20th and 32nd at the next draft, the Habs would have had the right to take that pick instead of waiting until the following year… But the Flames are currently 21st overall in the NHL standings.

If the draft were held tonight, Calgary would be talking at No. 12, and this pick would be protected..:

(Credit: Tankathon)

Since the Panthers will be in the playoffs this season, the Flames will get their hands on the Panthers’ first-round pick (in 2025).

This limits the options quite considerably for the Habs :

  • If the Flames’ pick and the Panthers’ pick are NOT in the top-10, the Habs will receive the higher-ranked pick between the Panthers’ and Flames’ 1st-round picks in 2025.
  • If the Flames’ pick is in the top-10 and the Panthers’ is NOT, Montreal will receive the Florida pick (in 2025).

It’s made a lot less complicated than it started out :

(Credit: CapFriendly)

So it’s possible that the Habs won’t be fishing with the Flames’ pick next year, which is a shame in a way.

After all, the Flames sold a lot at the trade deadline and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Jacob Markström leave this summer, which should further affect the team’s performance next season.

What I’m saying is that the Flames could certainly finish in the bottom half of the NHL standings in 2024-2025…

And the Panthers could be just as dangerous next year because the club’s core is relatively young.

In the end, it will be fate that controls the destiny of the Habs for the pick in question. But Kent Hughes is to be congratulated, because he got his hands on a first-round pick (for nothing), and went after a player who has helped the team on several levels over the past two years.

Especially since Monahan brought him another first-round pick in February…

In brief

– Captain doesn’t think Martin St-Louis’ replacement is doing things differently.

– Love this.

– Reinforcement on the blue line for the Islanders.

– Wow!

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