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David Reinbacher won’t be playing with the Canadiens until the end of the season
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As you no doubt know, David Reinbacher is a member of the Laval Rocket at the time of writing.

The Canadiens’ game plan? Train him this week (starting tomorrow, with a meeting with the media) to prepare him for the end of the season, to get him used to hockey and the rinks here.

Georges Laraque even says he’ll play in the Rocket’s next game on Friday.

As I wrote earlier today, Reinbacher won’t be the savior. That doesn’t mean he’ll play every game for the Rocket, because first he has to adapt to his new reality.

Even so, Kent Hughes confirmed that the Habs prospect will play this weekend. He wasn’t as specific as Georges when talking about Friday, but still.

What’s also interesting, in the defenseman’s case, is that the GM has already decided that he won’t get an NHL audition between now and the end of the season.

The plan really is for him to stay in Laval until the end of the club-school campaign, obviously.

In my eyes, it’s the right decision. An 18-year-old defenseman doesn’t necessarily have a business in the NHL, and he needs to take the next few weeks to get comfortable in Laval.

And if Logan Mailloux gets a test, that’s where the addition of Reinbacher could help keep the fort in Laval.

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