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Wait before you think David Reinbacher will play every Rocket game!
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David Reinbacher has a hockey season on his hands in addition to his season in Switzerland.

But even so, since his European campaign is over and the Laval Rocket have not finished playing, the defenseman will officially join the club in Laval for the end of the season.

This was expected today, and now the Canadiens have confirmed it.

I said it at the outset: Reinbacher has a hockey season in him. He played less than last year (49 games, including three playoff games, versus 35 this year), but he still attended several camps in Montreal last summer and fall.

What I’m trying to say is that Reinbacher isn’t going to suddenly have gas in the tank to play another 40 games at a high level. I don’t see the Rocket winning the Calder Cup, but if that were to happen, the habs club would have about 40 games left.

So my point is this: in an era where rest is increasingly important, don’t think the Rocket is going to set up Reinbacher to burn the candle at both ends.

As Anthony Marcotte points out, Reinbacher can’t be expected to play every game for the club.

Obviously, Reinbacher, who will need time to get used to his new environment and the time difference, is not arriving in Laval as a saviour. He’s here to help the club, of course, but also to get used to local hockey in preparation for the next camp.

He’ll also have to get used to his teammates on the blue line. We’ve said it before, but he’s going to fight for his playing time.

I don’t expect Reinbacher to play all three weekend games in Ontario, but he should at least play one or two. The club plays in Belleville on Friday and Saturday, in addition to facing the Marlies on Sunday.

The Rocket will play on the road again (Utica, March 27) before hosting Belleville on March 29. I expect to see him playing on the road soon, and in uniform at the next home game on the 29th.

In a gust

– Speaking of the Rocket.

– Really?

– Yes.

– He’s retired.

– Interesting.

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