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Rocket: a disastrous first half in a very important game
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
After fine victories on Wednesday and Friday against the Bridgeport Islanders, the Rocket was back in action this afternoon in Toronto.

For the occasion, it faced the Marlies in the most important game of the year so far.

Prior to the game, Toronto was just one point ahead of Laval in the standings and in last place for the Northern Section playoffs.

Jean-François Houle’s team was expected to get off to a strong start, but just the opposite happened.

They allowed four goals in the first period in a game – I repeat – of VERY high importance.

“You can’t show up like that on the road and expect to make the playoffs.”

Jakub Dobes, who was left to his own devices wasn’t back in front of the cage in the second period.

Kasimir Kaskisuo replaced him.

Is Dobes too tired, as Anthony Marcotte suggested? Marcotte wonders if he’s been overused.

In the second period, the Rocket played much better, but failed to extend their lead. Very disappointing…

I’m well aware that the players were disturbed overnight, but that’s no excuse for their poor performance this afternoon.

The Rocket won’t play its next game until Friday night. So they’ll have time to regroup.

Will David Reinbacher, who must be thinking it’s no better than Kloten, be in the game?

In brief

– 10/10.

– Good work.

– Ah well.

– Wow.

– Let’s see.

– Another number three catcher.

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