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Cole Caufield has more goals than Alex Ovechkin in a disappointing season
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There’s been a lot of talk this season about the low number of goals scored by Montreal Canadiens maverick Cole Caufield.

The young forward has changed his style of play a lot this year, as he focuses on giving more quality playing time and not just with goals.

Although he was drafted for his scoring talents, Caufield has greatly improved his defensive game, but he has also shown us his talents as a playmaker this year.

On a number of occasions, as his 33 assists demonstrate, he has shown himself to be a good reader of the game. Rather than shooting at every opportunity, he tries to find the best play to make.

Last year, in 46 games, he had just 10 assists, but already 26 goals, putting him on pace for a 46-goal season.

It’s only natural to be disappointed with his goal tally this season, when he has “only” 20 goals.

I put that in quotation marks, because it’s really not a catastrophic harvest so far. He could still reach the 25-goal plateau in a season of misery.

Incidentally, the Tricolore’s first trio is on fire these days. Take a look below at the production of the three young forwards over the last 25 games, and it’ll put a smile on your face.

That’s 24 points for Caufield in his last 25 games.

His production really isn’t all that bad, especially when you compare it to that of one of the best free-scorers in history: Alex Ovechkin.

The 38-year-old veteran, now in his 19th NHL season, has, for the first time, experienced a real regression in terms of goals scored, with just 19.

Ovechkin currently has fewer goals than CC22.

Rather surprising, given that it’s been a disappointing season for Caufield.

With his performance this season, one wonders if the Russian can break Wayne Gretzky’s famous career goalscoring record. At the time of writing, he’s only 53 goals short.

By the way, Ovechkin, despite a poor season, has as many or more goals than these players: Mark Scheifele, Nick Schmaltz, Vladimir Tarasenko, Claude Giroux, Alex Tuch, Oliver Bjorkstrand and Aleksander Barkov.

For a “finished” veteran, that’s a nice touch.

However, at this rate, he might not break Gretzky’s record. He’ll have to get back into a rhythm soon to give himself the best possible chance.

The fact that Cole Caufield has more goals than not only Ovechkin, but also more goals than any of the players mentioned above, says a lot about the American’s possible career.

If we’re worried about Caufield’s production, with 20 goals already, I think the Habs are in a very good position regarding his future.

We simply have to be patient with Caufield, as he has all the necessary assets to become an elite maverick. He’s simply taking this season of misery and making the most of it by improving other facets of his game.

Caufield will be a consistent 40-goal scorer, reaching the 50-goal plateau in a single season on a few occasions. I’m telling you.

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