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The Habs kicked the Nordiques out of the NHL, says Jakob Pelletier
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The Montreal Canadiens are currently in Calgary, as they take on the Flames tonight at the Scotiabank Saddledome, starting at 7pm.

This will be a very important game for the Flames, who, despite falling well behind in the standings, can still hope to make the playoffs.

The top two teams in the Wild Card standings will make the playoffs.

But to do so, they need to win and collect points, especially against a lower-ranked team like the Habs.

You’d also think it would be an important and special game for the Flames’ Quebec forward Jakob Pelletier, who will be facing the Montreal Canadiens for the first time in his career.

Well, it will indeed be a special game for Pelletier, but not because he was a Habs fan when he was younger – quite the contrary.

Pelletier, a Quebec City native, was definitely not a Habs fan when he was younger, and in his opinion, the Habs are responsible for the Quebec Nordiques’ departure from the NHL.

Indeed, that’s what the Flames forward said in an interview with Flames TV.

“No, because I think they (the Canadiens) kicked the Nordiques out. Most people in Quebec City hate the Habs. It’s going to be special for me to play against them.” – Jakob Pelletier

Yet Pelletier could never have been a Nordiques fan, given that they moved to Colorado in May 1995, six years before Pelletier was born.

This suggests that his hatred of the Habs was instilled in him by his parents, and that he probably grew up a Colorado Avalanche fan.

Because, in the end, the Habs didn’t literally expel the Nordiques from the NHL. There were several reasons, mostly monetary, why the Nordiques left for Colorado.

In short, we understand that in the end, Pelletier, drafted in the first round (26ᵉ overall) in 2019, will really have no mercy tonight for the team in front of him, on the contrary.

He’ll certainly want to have a good game, and who knows, score a point, or even a goal.

So far this season, he has three points, including a goal, in 13 games.

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