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Georges Laraque confirms that Cole Caufield isn’t always serious off the ice
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Over the past few weeks, Maxime Truman and J.T. Utah have been wreaking havoc with their Stanley25 podcast. The dynamic between the two guys is really interesting, and we learn a lot of little tidbits here and there.

It’s well worth the detour.

In this week’s episode #7, none other than Georges Laraque took to the microphone to chat with the two guys. And clearly, he was entertaining as hell.

For those who haven’t listened to the podcast, Big Georges confessed thathe’s helped Matt Rempe defend himself better in fights, and talked to Stanley25about his past with a queer woman.

In fact, he answered all the boys’ questions.

There’s one aspect that’s interesting and deserves a bit of attention, and that’s the bit about players who party and don’t necessarily take all the means to dominate on the rink.

What you need to know is that Georges Laraque says this:

The Habs are aware of all the guys out there. – Georges Laraque

In his eyes, players like Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid and Connor Bedard, who put their efforts in the right place (on the ice) and don’t drink, help each other out a lot.

To help the club a little, Georges says he’d ban young CH players from living downtown and near the clubs… and adds that he listens to the Stanley25 podcast.

Translation? He’s referring to an early episode of Stanley25, where we learned that Cole Caufield and Christian Dvorak live together and close to a bar.

And that’s where the Cole Caufield connection comes in.

When Laraque said that there are players currently in Montreal who could be better if they were more serious, that was already a first clue towards Cole Caufield. Those who know, know.

Later, when asked by Max Truman if they were “guys who are there to score goals” and should score more, Laraque didn’t deny it either. He added.

You’re so well-informed in what you do that what people hear of what you say (…) they have excellent sources.

What you say, you can back up. – Georges Laraque

Laraque says Max and JT are reliable on these rumors… he says he listened to the show in which the guys referred to Cole Caufield’s exits, who lives near a bar… #UnPlusUn

According to Georges, you can’t tell a player to stop drinking to improve his performance: it has to come from the player. And it’s clear that even though he’s on the ice more, Caufield isn’t really scoring anymore. His performances are declining.

The GM may not be publicly worried about Caufield’s performance, but even so: he’s only scored in one game since the All-Star break… and he likes the freedom of an NHL pro who’s out of school.

You can call it “perfect”, or you can worry about it.

In a gust

– Well done.

– Doug Armstrong will be the GM at the Olympics, but not at next year’s tournament. We’ll see who leads the Canadian club in due course.

– Indeed.

– Geoff Molson likes the progression of several players. [98.5 FM]

– Indispensable? No. Useful? Yes.

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