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Drinking and driving: Jordan Dumais suspended for five games
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Earlier this morning, we learned that Jordan Dumais had been suspended for five QMJHL games.

The Halifax Mooseheads player, as tweeted by Stéphane Leroux, received the suspension due to an incident that did not occur on a QMJHL rink.

He will therefore not be able to start the playoffs on time.

But now we’ve learned why last year’s QMJHL top scorer and Blue Jackets prospect was suspended, via the work of journalist Alexe Cooke.

In fact, it’s because a few weeks ago, he was arrested by the police for drinking and driving.

The Mooseheads player, who is finally back healthy after missing the last few months, won’t be able to get back into the hockey swing of things before the playoffs, but that’s not what’s important here.

After all, the bottom line is that he hit the road after drinking too much. That’s not why you want to be in the news, is it?

It’s important to remember that Dumais comes with his character. The young man has already said that he was ranked low for the NHL draft because the scouts who make the lists aren’t real scouts. #Ouch

Remember that the Habs considered picking him in 2022, but passed.

Details to come…

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