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Primeau has better statistics than Montembeault this season
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Cayden Primeau’s name is on every Canadiens fan’s lips right now.

After all, his performance yesterday deserves to be discussed, as Primeau made 41 saves to record a shutout at the Bell Centre…

And it’s the way he collected his shutout that’s especially impressive, because the goalie made some big saves in the game against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

This was his first game as an official #2 goaltender, and he delivered the goods.

His brilliant outing boosted the young goaltender’s stats… who is now performing better than Samuel Montembeault in terms of numbers:

  • 2.83 goals-against average and .910 save percentage for Primeau
  • 3.14 goals-against average and .904 save percentage for Monty
Primeau also has two shutouts, while Montembeault has none this season:

(Credit: Hockey DB)

The purpose of this article is not to criticize Monty’s work, on the contrary.

We keep saying that the Quebecer is having a good season (and it’s true)… But to see that Primeau is able to keep up with him in terms of statistics, that’s even more good news.

In all this, we agree that Primeau’s use and Montembeault’s are different.

Monty is seen as the team’s number-one goalkeeper, and he’s been taking on the big clubs since the start of the season… Whereas Primeau has the luxury of playing games against “easier” sides.

But that doesn’t take anything away from Primeau’s performance, because he still gets the job done. His progression curve is interesting… And if he continues to perform like this between now and the end of the season, he’ll force management’s hand for the next campaign.

That would be one less big file on Kent Hughes’ table, at least.

Despite Primeau’s fine outing, Montembeault will face the Bruins tomorrow night:

In bursts

– Speaking of Cayden Primeau… 😎😎

– One chance.

– Word on the street.

– There’s improvement here.

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