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Flames part ways with prospect guilty of sexual assault
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The Calgary Flames haven’t had it easy in recent months. Starting with Dillon Dubé, who was one of five players implicated in the 2018 Junior Team Canada scandal and has stayed away from the team since the accusations. This time, another player in the Flames entourage was in hot water and has been found guilty.

We’re talking about forward Topi Ronni, a 19-year-old Calgary prospect. He was convicted of sexual assault in his native Finland.

The Flames quickly issued a statement explaining that the organization has officially cut ties with the player they selected in the second round of the 2022 NHL draft.

Even though Topi Ronni was not under contract with the Flames, the organization was right to announce it in this way, especially after the way the Dillon Dubé case had been handled.

The hockey world had been surprised to see that Calgary had let Dubé walk away from the team due to “mental health” issues, when all the other teams had found no such “excuses”.

I understand that the Flames didn’t want any trouble, but this was clumsy on their part. If Dillon Dubé ends up being found guilty of any charges in the 2018 Junior Team Canada file, I’m sure they’ll make the decision to part ways with him just like they just did with Ronni.

Getting back to the Finnish player, until October he was playing with Tappara, part of the top Finnish hockey league. The actions for which he was convicted date back to when he was 17, before being drafted by the Flames.

However, the Flames were unaware of his actions when they drafted him in 2022.

Tappara had announced on October 19 that Ronni would be kept away from team activities due to his criminal charges. The team has officially released him since his conviction.

In a statement posted on the Tappara website, Ronni apologized to his victim, his team in Finland and the Calgary Flames.

Ronni received a one-year suspended sentence. He is not expected to go to jail, but will be released on conditions.

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