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Juraj Slafkovsky gets (another) day of treatment
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Don’t jump to conclusions, but Juraj Slafkovsky isn’t 100% at the moment.

For several days now, he’s been absent from training to undergo treatment. So he’s not in the best shape of his life, let’s say.

And today is no different.

Of course, one has to wonder how this affects his performance. After all, he’s been slowing down lately, when you compare his numbers to when he returned from the All-Star Game break.

Still, there’s a difference.

Not being at 100% and playing on the first line against the opposition’s best players probably doesn’t help him produce the way he’s capable of, we agree.

But he plays anyway. It’s good to see he’s not giving up.

Details to follow…

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