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André Tourigny says his players “want clicks” on Instagram
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Times have changed. With technological advances, everything is consumed quickly. If a video goes on too long, is it really worth it? Instagram, TikTok and Facebook have adjusted and offer short videos that scroll with the swipe of a finger.

Why are we talking about this tonight? Simply because André Tourigny, coach of the Arizona Coyotes, talked about how this aspect of society is influencing his young players.

In a very honest interview with JiC, Tourigny pointed out that more and more, they want to appear in the videos that people see.

“They [young players] like it to get clicks on Instagram, but they don’t do it to do it badly… they like it to make a big play, to get attention(…)” – André Tourigny

The Coyotes pilot didn’t stop there. He used Logan Cooley, the third overall pick in 2022, as an example. He mentioned that when he makes a good presence against the opposition’s best trio, but fails to score or shine, he finds it flat.

Tourigny says the same was true of Clayton Keller two years ago.

Tourigny’s comments are pretty harsh. He’s thrown his young players under the bus, and they’re not performing at the desired level. This performance is one of the reasons for the three meagre victories in the last 20 outings.

Imagine if Martin St-Louis had said something like that during the team’s darker periods. Social networks would have gone wild, and his bosses wouldn’t have been happy.

I don’t know if Tourigny’s comments will make it to the Coyotes staff, but if they do, it won’t make anyone in upper management very happy. It’s rare that a coach is so honest and gives a specific example of a player to illustrate his point.

As good as it is to see this, it’s also unusual.


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