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Jake Guentzel deal: Sidney Crosby “doesn’t understand” management’s message
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It was expected, but now it’s done: the Penguins have pulled the plug on Jake Guentzel. The forward was traded to the Carolina Hurricanes yesterday at the trade deadline.

Understandably, Kyle Dubas’s first season with the Penguins isn’t going exactly as he expected. After all, you don’t go looking for a guy like Erik Karlsson to lose.

Dubas has tried to get as much juice out of the club as possible, but it’s clear that the core is too old.

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That’s why Jake Guentzel was traded to the Hurricanes, who really didn’t pay much in my book – and in that of my colleague Félix Forget, either.

But all this was done without making Sidney Crosby happy.

I know Kyle Dubas’s job is to be the Penguins’ President of Hockey Operations, not the guy who’s going to make Sidney Crosby happy at all costs, but still: when the face of your franchise isn’t in a good mood, it’s not good news.

And right now, the Penguins aren’t in the best of moods, since the captain is in fine fettle at having lost his friend in such circumstances. When asked about the message this sends to the group, Crosby had this to say:

I don’t know. – Sidney Crosby

Not knowing where management is going is one thing. Being so angry that a quiet guy like him would say it publicly, in front of the media… that’s another.

That’s what Rob Rossi (The Athletic) wrote this morning.

I’m not saying Sidney Crosby is leaving Pittsburgh. I’ve always believed that this guy was going to stay in town for the rest of his career, and I still do.

But with those words, I can see a path that in a year’s time, he’ll be on his way.

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